Non-certificated Diamonds

A.L.D. Diamonds are suppliers of fine polished diamonds to jeweller. We carry a wide variety of diamonds in stock, and can normally turn around orders very quickly.
We confidant on our ability offering a comprehensive range of diamonds at very competitive prices
You can challenge us for any requirements, if we don't stock it, we are happy to source these among our network.

We stock a range of sizes from half point to over a carat, and offer a selection of diamonds.

we stock a wide range of diamonds of different clarity and colour, ranging from the very best quality to more "commercial" stones.

We can offer to our customer wide choice of fancy cuts, including Princess cut, Emerald, Pear shape, Oval cut, Heart shape, Trillion, Baguette and Marquise.
We supply calibrated sizes use in settings such as channel set rings.
We can offer a selection of Old Cuts and Rose Cut diamonds for repair work.

You can send us jewellery requiring replacement diamonds, and we will return them with suitable diamonds of the correct quality and weight.